Based on the edge of the vale of Belvoir I am well placed to provide tuition across Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

I have experience of tutoring all age groups, including KS2 where I have nurtured and supported children as young as year 4. I also provide specialist tutoring for those families who wish to take the 11+ for entry to the grammar schools in Lincolnshire. I specialise in Mathematics from secondary school age, including GCSE, where I use my in depth knowledge of the subject gained through my own qualifications.

I know that every child needs to believe in their own ability to achieve their potential, and only through developing their self-confidence will they truly flourish during their educational journey. I understand the complexities of educational settings and want to work with schools where possible to enrich children’s experience and add a personalised approach to their learning.

Every child is unique and their needs will vary throughout their school life. I will work with you and your child to understand what you need and what tutoring can add to enable your child to achieve. Your child’s needs may vary from, developing core skills in numeracy and literacy in KS2, through to consolidating more complex concepts at GCSE maths or honing exam techniques. I have the experience and skills to work with your child on any of these and will provide high quality tutoring for this range of interventions.

Children learn best when they are engaged with what they are doing and this is only achieved when children feel confident about their own ability. Education is about enriching the life of every child, giving them the tools and confidence to learn and grow and to achieve their potential.

At Aspire 2 achieve I really do want to open your child’s eyes to a world of learning.